A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, November 6, 2009

kids. wish I had a dozen of them. (thats what my dad used to say)

the kids are going down the hill in the bike trailer stroller. and laughing all the way. how can I tell them not to when they are having so much fun? It isnt their safety I am so much worried about rather the safety of the stroller to handle it. but I imagine they will tire of it soon enough and move on to more exciting adventures. I always wanted to build a roller coaster of my own after reading about a boy in a book who did that. So here they are essentially making a roller coaster and lovin it. good for them. soon enough there will be snow and they can sled down the same hill. Ben was not so sure at first but he is doing it with them now.

Ben asked me yesterday when we were getting ready to leave if we were going to groupa. I said no groupa. groupa all done. he jumped off the toilet to hug me round the neck with the biggest smile. today again he was asking groupa? I said no groupa all done. and said family. (thanks christine for the word) and he smiled. It has been about a month now they have been home and they never mentioned groupa before recently. hopefully they will get the message that they are not ever going back there. that groupa is over for them.


  1. can you imagine? how awesome he must feel to hear you say that? I'd totally ask just so I could bask in hearing my new mommy say "no groupa. groupa all done. family"

  2. the way he flew off the toilet to hug my neck I knew it was a happy moment for him to realize that every time we leave home we are NOT heading back to groupa. I am glad you said that, you are right, it must sound great to him.

  3. Ahh, that's just soo sweet! I totally agree with Molly!

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