A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, November 26, 2009

will show you all "amazing sopha" later, she is lifting her arms up in front of her. this takes a lot of work for her and she suddenly today is doing it. She has been doing it on her back for awhile now but this is the first she has lifted them straight up in front of her. She keeps saying amazing sopha. and she reached UP into the shoe cabinet and got her shoes out because she wanted to wear them. She got one on and the other she tried but coudlnt get it right so I helped with that.

I tried to post a video the other night of AMAZING BEN! but i got distracted before it fully uploaded. He was doing somersaults in the living room. I dont know where he got that idea but he was bending over (in a pike position) and then just tucked his head and rolled. it was so much fun he did it again and again. Sophie tried her best to do it too but she wasnt quite able to by herself.

We had thanksgiving dinner yesterday as Eric is on call today. and he has to work tomorrow. I swear this is the only place that has clinic on Friday after thanksgiving. so there will be no black friday shopping for me this year. Mom has to work too on that day. I usually find the best stuff at menards(go figure) but even their ad wasnt all that awe inspiring so I am not at all put out to stay home. besides its COLD out there at 4am! I will just stay home. maybe I caan find a few deals online.

Maia is wanting to learn. she absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVES workbooks.
Ethan is enjoying having a day off from school. he played sorry with maia and has been running around. I wish he would go outside for awhile(all of them) but he absolutely doesnt want to. i thought he might sleep this morning but he slept till a whopping 645am. not much for sleeping in.

C and C are going with their dad to thanksgiving with his family. His mom is putting on a big spread because she doesnt know how many years she will have left and wants one last chance to get together. their dad didnt bother to invite C and C so they called and invited themselves. but "he has plans" this weekend so he will bring them home tomorrow.

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