A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, November 12, 2009


a funny. In trying to teach the kids to let go of a toy long enough to take care of business(ie: eat or use the toilet) and that the toy would be returned to them and was out of commission to the other kids while they did their business I would put the toy aside and put my hand up and say STAY! as if commanding a dog. They seemed to get it. just now I stood up to run down to the basement and Sophie said "STAAAAY!" guess she forgives me for making her work on sitting.


  1. Hi, my name is ALi, and although I'm not a parent, I love the support of Reeces Rainbow and have been following "Annie" before she was a thought to be Sofie! I just wanted to say, I really love your honestly in sharing how your new ones are fitting in with the family, for good and the rough. I wanted to encourage you to keep on truckin' and pressing on! Rejoice in the small things and laugh as much as possible! It's not the same, but I work with children with behavioral problems, many I work with have been given what they want when they want it. We really have to "un-teach" their years of learning inappropriate ways to get what they want. Sometimes it takes months but other times less, sometimes more. But it always gets better and in the meantime remember the tough times so you can smile later on! I have to say too, that your family seems so fun! Thanks for sharing your story!!

  2. Hey! I just jumped blogs. I did get your comment on mine and it's a really long answer! I need you to email me as your blogger id shows up as "no reply", unless you want a guest post in your comment section :)!