A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, November 6, 2009

how many days till school starts??? I dont know what is up with Ethan. I am having a hard time dealing with his anger and outbursts and his screaming! and freaking out over everything the little kids do. if they get hurt he gets angry. if the get mad and cry he gets angry. if they get tired and cry he gets angry. if they squabble over a toy he gets angry. every time he gets angry he starts stomping his feed and screaming. Why am I so lucky? No one, NO ONE ever sees this stuff but me. he never pulls this stuff with grandma. yesterday he was out with daddy all day and nary a problem. but he has always been this way with me, it's just worse now. and piano practice! ugh! forget it! anything I say to him about how or what to do he goes ballistic. why are we paying for piano lessons when he wont practice what he needs to and screams at me when I try to help him. I am really getting tired. tired in so many ways. emotionally tired from being screamed at all day and having every negativity in the house aimed at ME. physically tired because I have not slept solid through the night in a couple months. since before we came home from Ukraine the first trip. Sophie gets tangled in the blankets and cant move so she cries at night. Ben wakes crying every couple of nights. (I am banning scooby doo for awhile to see if he is having nightmares from scary scooby doo)

C and C are gone to the cities this weekend to go be with...uhh....whats the right word....the jerk? no. the idiot? no. oh father, yes they are with their father. and its deer hunting this weekend so my MIL and my own mother are coming to stay. hopefully it will be more fun than stressful to have them here. its only 930m and we have been up for HOURS, feels like naptime already. ugh.


  1. I like your blog. I have read through it (and the adoption blog). Your kids are very cute. Your 2 newest kiddos sound like so much fun.

    Hope things calm down some so you can get some sleep!!

  2. thanks jenny a good nights sleep would help everyone!!