A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the school wants to evaluate Cody to see if he qualifies for extra help in English. (which I dont get because he got a C in that class) and is carrying a B in his other classes including chemistry!(and he got a C in physics!) so anyways I said yep sure go ahead. signed the paper, delivered it to school via a child. then I got a note from the teacher saying where is that form can you return it? I wrote back saying I already did. now I just got a call from the office saying its lost. I have to sign and send back another one. they have like 45 days to evaluate. at which point school will be just about over. go figure.

edited to add: said child who swore letter was delivered did NOT deliver letter at all. thus making me look a fool when I say its already turned in. now it is definitely turned in.


  1. "qualifies"???? Please explain. I'm confused. What grade is he in?

  2. ninth. we went through this before in Iowa. you have to be in the bottom percentage to get help. in Iowa it was bottom tenth percentile for his grade. so unless you are failing you get nothing. not sure what it is here. I personally think he needs just a little more time and effort on his work. it was his first term back in over 5 years! it takes awhile to get into the swing of things. he is doing great now. but not in english because he doesnt HAVE english this term. gotta love how they have certain core subjects only PART of the year. both are done with english and chrysta is done with sceince. Chrysta has math this term and its the only thing she actually has to THINK for. otherwise its health music band social and lunch.