A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

funny maia

I took them to school today at ecfe and there was a little girl with shoes Maia REAAAALLY liked. now Maia has BIG FEET. she is very tall. She needs big feet to hold her up. So on the way home she said I want shoes like Monica's. I said Im sorry but Monica has four year old feet and you have six year old feet and 4 year old shoes do not come in your size. Previously I have been teasing about taking away her birthday and keeping her five. So she started thinking on the way home and said Mooom!(you could hear the wheels turning!) can you take me back to my FOURTH birthday?? I said no Im sorry I dont have the power to do that. Enberg power just isnt enough for that. She wanted to know why if I could take her birthday away I couldnt just take her back to her 4th birthday so she would be 4 today instead of 6. then she could get those shoes she likes!!! she is so freaking adorable. The things she comes up with.


  1. Why can't life be as simple as children make it out to be?! ;) Cute story!

  2. I absolutely love to read about what your kids say. They are so adorable!