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Sunday, March 28, 2010

just a day in the life

yesterday we went up to mom's. and while we were there visiting, the kids went upstairs to grab some toys and what do you think happened next? Sophie decided she was going up too. and up she went. she got about 4 steps up when I discovered her! She is so amazing. holy cow was she a crank when we got home though!

Today she has this irrational fear of the bike. its like a tike bike only slightly wider in the middle. and if she fell off, she is like 6 inches off the ground. but she was ticked off that she wasnt on the trampoline and thats what she wanted.

When we were kids Alysia had a shirt that said Spoiled but not rotton. I was thinking about that today because Maia IS rotton. soemthing inside that child is rotting. she is so gassy and stinky! spoiled AND rotton huh Tiff?

In our house spankings are a game we play. We say ok who needs a spanking? or TIME FOR SPANKINGS! and they laugh and laugh while we pat their behind as if to spank them. Tonight I was doing this with Ben and he was saying OW OW OW! when I was not hurting him. and it was never my intention to hurt him, its just a game. but he slapped his leg hard and told me at groupa SPANK! ow ow ow! poor boy. And Chrysta yelled at him this morning and he burst into tears. the poor boy is so sensetive. So gentle. so kind. I hate that someone spanked him. I hate that a scolding makes him burst into tears. he wakes crying every single night still. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Yesterday I scooped him up as he walked past me and I was kissing and hugging him. and he said ok Mama you win! I said what do I win? He said "ME!" I told him I did indeed win the lottery with him. and I am so lucky. gave him some more hugs and kisses and tickles and sent him on to breakfast.

Ethan and I were teaching Mocha to play frisbee today. it was a riot. I would throw it and Ethan and dog would both chase it and Mocha would get to it first but then roll over and put her feet in the air so Ethan could catch it. She needs to get worn out, she is getting into too much mischief.

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