A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, March 15, 2010

whirlwind weekend

Friday Eric was on call. Never did come home that night. Saturday Morning I took Chrysta to Moms for the day. We helped my mom clean out her room. unfortunately I ended up bringing home tons of stuff. where to put it all?? mostly clothes. We went up to my aunts on the way home and got home about 10. when we were driving we saw a few deer. and then this crazy thing happened. I saw this truck on the side of the road with flashers on. and I could see in his headlights what looked like people moving back and forth on the highway. Looked like long haired people. Except it wasnt. Must be deer! why are they wandering around like that in the middle of teh road. and then HERE THEY COME! it was TWELVE horses! and they were on the run. I opened my window(had stopped by then) and heard them clip clopping along. I clicked and said here baby here baby and they didnt even slow down. didnt even LOOK at me. just kept on booking it for the border. CRAZY!!!

Sunday dawned bright and early. scraped up soemthing to wear and went off for my day with Eric. It was supposed to go like this, round on patients, off to city, lunch, opera, home. unfortunately it went like this: round on patients round on patients round on patients, off to the city, just in time for the opera, and a ravenous dinner. I didnt get a chance to eat breakfast and we thought we were going out for lunch so I didnt think anything of it. so I ended up not getting anything to eat until 5 or 530. La Boheme was wonderful. I am not ashamed to say I cried. Even though I swore I wouldnt. Cant wait to go to another. Got home in time to fall into bed. Didnt even clean the disaster that I was greeted with. Its become the norm for me to be rewarded for going out with coming home to a disaster. not a dish was washed shoes everywhere toys everywhere.

today Sophie and Ben get to come home from school without me!! they finally get transportation! which means I can watch the ENTIRE episode of The People's Court! for a change. which translats to a few more minutes of me time with no one(except the dogs) demanding anything from me.


  1. I love La Boheme. I didn't know you enjoyed opera! :) Sorry your day was so hectic - am glad you got some time with Eric.

  2. After our visit with you all I tried to get tickets to La Boheme but the only ones left were $200 each. No told me that opera was so expensive and I am not sure I like opera all that much. I suppose if you get there early enough you can pick up more reasonably priced tickets. I am happy that you and Eric finally got some time for yourselves. I am sure it is not easy with that crew you have.

  3. Jill it was my first time! I adored it! I always loved musicals so it was logical that I would love Opera. and I also always LOOOOOOOVED Carmen.

    Bob we got a GREAT deal, 25 bucks a seat! there was a deal in the paper. and guess what? the lady who sat next to us went to high school in ISLE!!!and she knows Eric's colleague! that is SOOO minnesota!!!