A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 things about me

another post I have been meaning to make

ten things about me

1. I like loud music in the car but when I turn onto a slower road I have to turn down the music(make sense? NOT!)

2. I really despise doing dishes

3. I really enjoy snuggling up with my husband to watch Jane Austen movies(he loves them too) or masterpiece theater


5. I love our date times when we get a chance.

6. I wish I could homeschool my kids again

7. I love to drive on a sunny day.

8. I hate to drive in the city

9. I am completely and totally devoid of directional skills. up down north west whatever. I just dont get it.

10. When I was about 10 I was going to grow up and drive a semi truck!

1 comment:

  1. I loved reading your 10 things.

    In response to your comment on my blog...
    I'm not sure what bladder spasms feel like. I've always got some sort of weird pain going on. I totally dislike taking Coumadin. =(

    I can't stand the way the house smells after cooking meat either. Ick! EVERYTHING smells like meat. Clothes, skin, hair, etc. When my husband cooks meat I just want to shower and wash everything. I refuse to allow my husband to fry bacon.