A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, March 29, 2010

big scary bike!

got sophie back on the bike and she is making progress. still freaked but at least making it move. and every time anyone on another toy comes near her she starts screaming like they are gonna plow her over. Ben is enjoying that. he backs up really fast and looks like he is going right at her and then turns the wheel and goes around or else stops just before getting close to her. he is on a big wheel and backing with his feet on the ground so not much danger in him losing control and being unable to stop.

she keeps calling to me I love you mama I love you I love you. I can tell she is worried about this darn bike. here is a picture of the kind of bike she is on....I guess it isnt really a bike but still!

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  1. I'm sure being on that bike is good for her. You babies sound so darn cute!