A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"How are you?" you ask???

well let me tell you. my day started last night at 1030pm. Darn dog would not stop barking his fool head off in the crate until I finally let him go downstairs with the kids to sleep. I crawled back in bed, closed my eyes, and Cody was knocking at my door triumphant that he had found the dog, one and the same that I just sent downstairs! Crawled back in bed, closed my eyes, and MOOOOMMYY!!!! Ben had a bad dream or saw a ghost or something. calmed him and went back to bed. MOOOOMMYYY!!! Ben again. tuck him in. back to bed, close eyes. Wails of anguish from bens room again. At some point Ethan was crying and tucked him in again too, he had only his quilt and was cold. this went on most of the night. About 430 I went to sleep. Soundly.

Woke with a start at 640am! The kids need to get up and get going at 630! I overslept!! Jumped out of bed and got Ethan moving and jumped into the shower. then ran down to get the girls and Cody up. Got everyone eating and sent the big ones off to school. I had wanted to leave when THEY left at 730 but the littles werent dressed yet and were still eating. I helped Sophie finish breakfast and got Ben moving on his. Got them dressed and out the door by 8. Never did get a chance to eat so stopped to grab a doughnut. WORST DOUGHNUT I EVER HAD!!! Seriously! how can someone screw up a chocolate covered doughnut??

Sophie was in a pissy mood most the way there. 5 minutes before we got there MAIA threw up. had appointment started home. halfway home SOPHIE barfed. Cried the rest of the way.

I am exhausted now. need a nap! I havent medicated Ethan the last two days and he was truly adorable. today I medicated him and he is snarky mean and difficult to get along with. I wouldnt have medicated him but he told me he got into trouble at school yesterday and had to move his bee two times. one more time and he would have to get a note home. so either he gets along ok at school and is surly at home or he gets into trouble at school and is nice at home. He walked in the door today and didnt even say hello just started in on Ben IMMEDIATELY! WHAT is the deal??


  1. Aggressive and violent behavior is a common side effect of amphetamine use. You are programmed to focus, whether it be on the good or the bad. Does he have a tough time letting go of issues? It's really not by choice. After being medicated for a while, A day without the medication is similar to the average person taking a sedative.

  2. he is on strattera which works more like Prozac. it isnt as bad as when he was on the ritalin. that was way worse.

  3. Ahhhh...motherhood.

    Gotta love it! Don't worry though, I'm sure everything will calm down once you get your two new ones home!!!

    haha haa haaa haa haaaaah haa heee hee eheee

    you don't like me much right now, do you :)

  4. ahem jodi, we are not bringing two home. we are bringing THREE! if at all possible. 4 if we can. yeah once we add FOUR new kids to the family all will be calm right??? RIGHT?? lol

  5. LOL~ you are a BRAVE,BRAVE woman!

    my hat's off to you :)

  6. they are all very close in age so they all entertain each other!