A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, March 7, 2010

yes mudder

Maia thinks its funny to say Yes mother! when I ask her to do something. Ben thinks thats what we say now. so he says YES MUDDER! he is such a cute kid. but if he doesnt start eating he may waste away and blow away in a warm summer wind. Breakfast and dinner do not go well but lunch he generally eats well. Not sure why that is.

Miss Sophie is still a peanut. She has moved in with the big girls. Im not sure how I feel about that. She LOVES it though.

Ethan, is Ethan. I say Ethan I am so glad you are such a joyful child in hopes that eventually one or the other of us will believe it.

Chrysta is often off on a teenage hormone induced rampage. Even pulled out Ethan's old standby, you love everyone else more than me. (this was because she had to do the dishes, her ONE solitary chore) guess she needs me to sing to her more often.

Cody is a riot as usual. now if he would put as much effort into his schoolwork....

Maia, oh Maia. Maia is my love. she is very attached to her Mama and doesnt like me to go anywhere without her. Even to buy a gallon of milk. She is nearly 6 and I cant believe it. my little preggo eggo. my little doodle that cant be undid. She is my heart.

I love them all so much. The thought of being away from them for so long in Ukraine is NOT a happy one.

Today we get a new family member. Eric's hunting dog. She is only an 8 week pup but will grow to be his hunting companion. I miss my Ole love. he was a great hunter. unfortunately he wasnt very nice with the other people in the neighborhood and became very aggressive. RIP my big Ole.


  1. I think the Enberg family needs a llama.

  2. we have a joke about that. and horses too.