A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, March 22, 2010

today is the last day

Maia will ever be 5. why HER growing up years are so sad to me I dont know. but I feel it much more acutely than the others. I know I know, they grow, you expect it, its why we do it, but still when they grow it means they are growing up and away from you a little at a time. Maia is my most precious child. I would throw the others to the wolves to save her. ok no I wouldnt but I love her in a special way that is different than the way I love the others. Dont let anyone tell you to love your kids the same. kids are different, they need to be loved in different ways. Sophie is my little beauty. Ben is my little love bug. Ethan is my little chicken fry. Cody and Chrysta are my teenagers(nuff said there). but Maia, oh Maia, she is my Maia. she never allowed me to call her honey or sweety or baby or monkey. she was Maia. she would say CALL ME MAIA! and we did. and we still do. she was a wild thing. she was a holy terror. she was this clingy whiny little monster who never let me out of her sight unless it was to get into something. and now? she is the most beautiful wonderful loving accepting child. she is still Mama's baby no doubt, even today, her last day of being 5. but she is more willing to branch out now. She has accepted her brother and sister and all their limitations completely and think nothing of hitching up her sister and hauling her where they want to go. She loves to ride her bike. She loves to cook out. She loves to jump on the trampoline. She doesnt like anything, she loves everything. she is so 5. until tomorrow. when she will be 6.

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