A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, March 1, 2010

not me monday!!

I have wanted to write not me monday for awhile but never remembered. sooooo

when one child asked why the other child needed medication I did not say it was so I didnt want to wring his neck. nope I didnt.

My husband does not like clothes that have been in the washer over night. I did not quietly put them in the dryer and proudly give him a nice wrinkle free shirt fresh out of the dryer after being in the washer all night. not me.

I did not consider having shriners come and pick us up and drive us to the appointment next week because I hate driving in the cities and always end up lost. noooo not me.

I did not have a diet shake for breakgast and a danish for a midmorning snack. nope. not me.

I did not start making plans for the next adoption after this one. Not me.

I did not sign up for a class that we havent been able to get to even ONE TIME! not me!

I didn't spend the afternoon in bed reading a book yesterday, even if it was a really good book. not me.

I did not just hand back a rubicks cube because it was too taxing on my brain. not me.

nope not me.


  1. I did not enjoy reading this post. Not me. ;)

  2. I did not enjoy reading it either. Nope, not me. ;)

  3. and I sure didnt enjoy writing it. not me.