A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My dell has had problems since the first. periodic transient problems. and now more serious problems meaning its useless. I scrimped and saved for that computer. Clipping coupons and saving the money saved on coupons. squirreling away birthday money coffee money any change in the couch. the warranty expired as the current problem began. Mind you my DELL is just over a year old. I rarely take it out of the house, I dont let the children use it, I barely let my HUSBAND use it. I am gentle with it. I am careful with it. I have not abused it in any way. I earned it, I saved long and hard for it, I would not do anything to risk it. and now when it has completely given up the ghost, dell says oh right your order for extended warranty didnt go through. we have no record of it. (well except the letter they sent me saying they go the order) so I have to buy it again. but because its been a couple months since the warranty expired I have to pay a recertification fee. I lost it. I absolutely lost it. I said this is an 800 dollar paperweight, it wont turn on, it wont charge, its useless. I can do nothing with it. I have not abused it, and I cant believe that the customer service isnt better than this. I have only used it for internet as a stay at home mom to keep in contact with people far away.My-name-is- Rajit-you-can-call-me-Austin put me on hold. he checked with the manager and they decided to waive the recert fee. total cost is now less than the order I paid for on line and it is for a FULL year not just 6 months like the one I ordered on line. Now...to get them to fix it!

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