A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, March 8, 2010

thankful thursday on monday

My laptop is down so I dont get as much chance to get online. Have just a minute and wanted to write down this story from yesterday.

We went to get the pup. Eric's future hunting partner. When we got there the man was talking with another family. We just petted the adult dogs that were out while we waited. The family had a boy and a girl. and the whole time they were there Jake was into everything and he was NOT a little boy. How do I know his name was Jake? because the whole time I heard Jake get out of there. Jake stop that. Jake get down from there. Jake knock it off. The kid was into EVERYTHING, on the counters, turning on the sink, touching things he shouldnt, taking the magnets off the magnet board, climbing onto what was obviously someone's desk, he was EVERYWHERE. meanwhile MY little MR ADHD found a ball and got his brother (who kept putting his face near the dogs and one growled at him) sitting on one end of the room and played rolling the ball with him. NOT ONE TIME did I have to say get out of there dont do that dont touch that that isnt nice. nope not even once. Jake did it all, and Ethan did NOTHING! and he was not medicated.

when I got them into the car I made sure that Ethan knew how I felt. I had to run back in to get my purse and told Eric to make sure he told Ethan he noticed. Of course all the other little scamps wanted THEIR praises sung. the boy was even pleasant at dinner. Im not sure who that boy was but wow it was nice.

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