A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

too true tuesday(aka true confessions!)

spilling the beans here.

I know we are all just a little bit crazy. just in different ways.

my little bit of crazy has to do with certain cups that sophie uses. She can really only use the cups with the straws. we have many in various colors. my children tend to try and annoy me(and it works) by mixing the colors. They will give her a cup with a different colored lid. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! DRIVES ME NUTS! orange cup gets the orange lid. green gets green lid. you can not mix green and orange and purple and blue and pink. lids MUST MATCH THE CUP! I have been known to take the cup away and make it right. I just cant explain it. maybe when the colors match I feel like I am giving my precious girl the very best I can give her. I dont know. I just know that the colors must match.

I also cant talk on the phone without my glasses on. I just cant do it.
make sense? probably not but I just cant focus on the phone if I cant focus my eyes.

and I cant stand the sound of brown paper bags ripping. it sends shivers up my spine.

now tell your idiosyncracies. we all have them.


  1. Things that drive me crazy:
    When people turn on lights to walk through a room even though it is daytime and there are windows in the room.
    lazy people
    throwing away scraps of food when we have dogs, cats and chickens that could it them.

  2. my kids constantly leave lights on in rooms that no one is in. they can walk right past the room 20 times and never even NOTICE the light is on in there.

  3. oh, where to start..lol..Towels not being folded/hung correctly, messy drawers, clothes not hung properly, dishes not put away tidy..I could go on and on(and I agree with the cup/colour thing, it would drive me insane.lol)