A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, February 25, 2010

NEVER a dull moment

I was lying on the bed and Ben was saying PAPA! POOP! POOP! and I went to find out what was going on. He had waddled from the kitchen bathroom all the way through the kitchen round teh corner and halfway down the hall with his pants half off and his butt bare. POOP! he said. I didnt quite comprehend and asked WHERE? and he pointed to his pants. lol. he had a bit of an accident in his pants and was quite surprised upon finding it. He was up all night last night and I think he fell asleep awhile when I was gone and he was here with Daddy. he must have been so sound asleep he didnt even know! He tried to blame Mocha the dog but I said no I dont think Mocha pooped in YOUR pants. I reassured him it was ok and stripped him and put him in the shower. (yes that handheld shower I installed myself really came in handy.) He laughed I laughed. What else can ya do? I wasnt mad at him. it was just a mess that needed cleaning up, so we cleaned it up and moved on with our life. Maia was more interested in what was going on than Ben was worried. This is a good thing. Last time he only wet his pants and he was so worried and sorry. I was calm and just cleaned him up and told him it was ok and he was so relieved. this time it was just ok well we have a problem, lets fix it, and off we go. that is progress.

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