A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


or rather SHE did it! Sophie got her ears pierced today!! She is soo darling! she says I princess! Ears pretty! golly she is cute. and she cried at first but they gave her a sucker to hold and said dont move and she was fine. went on to have lunch out together(with maia and ben too of course) do some shopping and drive home again. I had to get creative in getting two HUGE laundry soaps to the car while still pushing a double stroller and bringing 3 kids to the car. SO I put them in Bens seat on the stroller and he walked holding on to the stroller. worked out alright because we were in handicapped parking so we didnt have to go far. If I had parked normally I would never have made it because ben was already wandering off when we got to the car and Maia kept tripping over the stroller. NOW we are all home again. Mocha is being a BRAT today. eating from the cat box. YUK! GROSS! and she stole codys sandwich off the kitchen counter. she is much brattier than any of my kids!! but she is so sweet and loving and soft and cute.

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