A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A sad sweet Ben story

Ben still uses sipper cups a lot of the time because he just cant hold a cup and drops it and spills it all over. His little hands are getting stronger and sometimes we give him an open cup. the other night I had finished dinner and was doing something in the kitchen when he spilled his milk. Papa was still at the table and called for a towel. I came with a towel. we calmly cleaned it up. the whole while Bens worried little face and big eyes were wondering what would come next. he kept saying I love you Papa! I sorry Papa! I sorry Papa! I love you Papa! we told him it was ok and we love him too and we would just clean it up. he didnt say anything, but a minute later said I sorry Papa. I love you Papa. poor thing was panicing about what was going to happen next. At our house if you spill the milk what happens next is that you clean it up. and after that we go back to whatever we were doing before it spilled and probably give that child a little more milk in his cup. this is clearly not what he was expecting. Poor little pumpkin was trying to talk his way out of punishment or being spanked. yes ben we love you. and if you spill your milk, no one is going to hurt you. Mama wont let anyone hurt you ever again.


  1. Makes you wonder what kind of life he had before he came home with you.
    Unless the kids were fooling around and that caused the spilled milk, we didn’t punish. Accidents happen and we never punished them for an accident;. On the other hand, if they caused the spill by playing around, there were repercussions to their messing around. As they got older, we told them to pick up the mess themselves. Maybe they saw that as punishment.

  2. bens problem is his hands. he just cant hold a cup filled with milk. its too heavy. but he doesnt want a sippy cup he wants a cup like the other kids. and often it ends in a mess. Maia dropped hers at lunch today due to a one hander with greasy mitts and I said GREAT NEWS! now you dont have to dunk your crackers they are already soggy! I was kind of frustrated but I knew Ben was watching.

  3. I am so glad these two littles ones can grow up in a loving environment where you don't get punished because you can't hold a cup well. Thank you for taking them into your family and into your heart.

  4. Poor guy! He'll get used to being okay at the table and will soon be burping, and talking with his mouth full like the others...or maybe that's just my "nay colturnik" kids! LOL! Z had a special positioning cushion made to fit one of our dining chairs that helps him sit at the right angle, then has chest straps and belt so he can use his arms/hands without having to balance. Dropping things still a problem, but at least he can move freely without fear of falling.