A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, February 8, 2010

sick sick and sicker

no preschool today. because I have three little sickees. ben is getting over a cold and coughing and was up crying in the night.(crying in the night is not unusual for him) Maia was up coughing half the night. Sophie is just plain sick. wont eat. just LOOKS sick. tight wheezy snotty and CRABBY! Up all night coughing crying complaining. She fell apart this morning because I asked her to blow her nose. Either she doesnt know how and isnt willing to learn while feeling sick. and I just had an entire post and it disappeared. GRRR that bugs me. Why does that happen? so I guess I will leave it at that rather then try to recreate my thoughts. the kids are sick. no school. which is fine I dont feel like going on in the snow anyways.


  1. It seems everyone is sick. Physically sick and sick of the cold and snow! My two were sick last week with colds and coughs-now they shared it with me. Hopefully it will warm up soon.

  2. cara yes they all have colds. seems like one bug comes in and we share it around and by the time it moves out we have a new one to share. staying home again today and Sophie is ticked at me.