A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, February 18, 2010


wondering if I should have put Ethan in grade 1 instead of K. he does like 10 worksheets a day. as near as I can tell that's what they do all the day long. he reads like crazy now. everything he sees he tries to read. unless he is feeling lazy and wanting you to do it for him. wishing I could pull him home again. But I don't think that will go over well. He does LIKE school. even though he doesn't really have good friends there. when you say friends he still thinks Charlie Mary Levi and Maggie. I told Eric we could get a curriculum that would be able to be passed down from kid to kid and hs the lot of them but he isn't convinced. Something like calvert. he is worried that they aren't doing enough learning enough getting enough doing hs. but gosh doing 10 worksheets a day isn't learning a ton either. and its like tracing words and letters and numbers. Of course I am just getting Sophie and Ben to where they will get services but heck its taken them MONTHS to get this far and I can get whatever they need elsewhere. I miss hs. I might go bonkers with 10 plus kids in the house nonstop but hey there is the great outdoors they could enjoy! I don't know how to get Eric on the same page as me. and I don't know how to home school 10 kids including 2 with disabilities. but I don't really care for school. at least not this one. and the only other option is even worse. I just need me a big ass van so I can haul them all and then we can do whatever we want whenever we want.

ha! I am listening to incredibles and he was so right "he is not graduating, he is going from grade 4 to grade 5! they keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity!"

two different worlds. how to get the two worlds together as one.

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