A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, February 19, 2010

When it rains....it pours in my basement

another )#*$)#*$(#* flood. this time it didnt come through the floor and walls from the outside. it came from the ceiling above. Apparently the toilet float that sticks didnt float and the toilet ran and ran and flowed and flowed over and over....into the bathroom, into the closet, down to the bathroom, hallway, and family room below. you know the family room I just finished painting and refinishing? THANK THE STARS and anyone who will listen that the new carpet wasnt down yet! its still on backorder. I was going about my business having a very productive day, having already showered the dogs because they peed in the crate and ran all over maias blankets on the way to the door. I went to the bathroom in teh kitchen bath and something posessed me to go into my room my bathroom via the closet and it took me minutes to comprehend the wet closet the wet throw rugs wet everywhere. I went downstairs to do something else and there was water everywhere down there too. and one ceiling panel had soaked so much it got too heavy and fell in. (ON MY NICE CLEAN BATHROOM DOWN THERE! that bathroom is usually a disaster, think kids, but I just cleaned it last week and was so happy that it was sparkly) at this point I think the bulk of the damage is the old carpet piece that was going to come out anyways, and some ceiling panels. and a lot of wet towels and one pissed off woman. All I could think about was this is going to keep us from our girls. but it doesnt look too bad. we might even have a few extra ceiling panels to fill in the wet ones. or we could let them dry as they arent SOAKED just wet in spots and live with the spots until time comes we would want to try and sell. not sure yet on that. I cant really get up there to get them down. I am not tall enough.

so now we have to get that carpet out and let the concrete dry. still another week or more before the carpet would come. I guess its good timing if it had to happen. stupid toilet tank.


  1. Are you adopting again? I was reading along and feeling bad for you with this big mess and then you said something about it keeping you from getting your girls which immediately switched my emotions from feeling sorry to feeling excited. What's up?

  2. kath
    thats the plan!! = ) it wasnt as bad as it could have been. it was just a blow and made an already frustrating bad day worse. but I dont think it will set us back.