A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, February 22, 2010

little chatter phone

Maia is playing with the little chatter phone today. she is talking on it and giving it to me to talk on. she said OH! daddys calling! and then the phone rang. The REAL phone REALLY rang. the look on her face was incredibly priceless. and she fairly FLEW out of her chair to answer it. Too bad it wasnt daddy it was just the dental office confirming appointment tomorrow. If it really was Daddy I bet she would have had something to tell him for sure.

She just pretended she was talking to him and she had a disagreement. she said "daddy I am a little nervous about kindergarten" I told her maybe he wants her to homeschool. She said daddy do you want me to homeschool? then she kept saying no dad I am not going to homeschool. DAAAAD! I am going to go to Kindergarten. NOOOOO daddy I am going to kindergarten, I dont want to homeschool. then she finally said goodbye and hung up.

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