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Monday, February 22, 2010


Maybe I am just jaded by living with a doctor. But I heard this story on the radio the other day. A child had been born. I dont recall the diagnosis but the child was very sick and they were very upset. Now they are talking about a time like maybe 6 years ago when their child had been born. And that now she is amazing. but at that time the doctors were saying it looked very grim for her. and the interviewer asked what precicely were they predicting. The father said oh it was terrible. very very grim. They said she might have to spend her life in a wheelchair. and they said she might have to live in an institution.

I got fed up and turned off the radio. First of all, no child is sent to an institution when their parents are wanting them at home and caring for them. and WHAT institution for that matter? the US doesnt HAVE institutions anymore. there are group homes. there are hospitals. but more and more is done outpatient and a child with disabilities would NOT be locked away as they would in the 50s or as they are in other countries.

and a WHEELCHAIR? THAT is grim? so your kid has legs that dont work and she has to use a chair to get around? THAT is grim? that is equivalent to death? when someone says grim to me I think death. I dont know about you. so it was grim for his child to need a wheelchair? HELLOOO! your child is ALIVE! why isnt that enough? why is it that a wheelchair in her future negates her very life! And I dont know about you but I have NEVER seen a newborn babe in a wheelchair. they are carried, they are in strollers(huh a stroller...which IS a kind of wheeled chair). so this far in the future possibility for his child was grim.

my child may well need a wheelchair. I know a bit about this. it is slightly different because I CHOSE this child knowing full well it was a possibility. but when you CHOOSE to give birth to a child you really are saying come hell or high water I will take care of this kid. no "unless they need a chair" opt out. Im happy that it worked out for them and I dont know if she ever did need a chair but I think that needing a wheelchair is not the worst thing that could happen to a person. and I feel compelled to let people know that. It is not the end of the world. just because they cant walk doesnt mean they cant enjoy life! they can go places see things do things. they just do them differently. nothing wrong with different. it is no better or worse, only different. so next time you see someone in a wheelchair dont think to yourself that its the end of the world for that person. you might be surprised at the things they can do and the way they feel.

wheelchairs=legs and I for one am glad we have them.

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