A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, February 21, 2010


uncle bob and aunt jeannie are supposed to come for a visit today. everyone is SO excited! They raised 3 boys so I imagine they can relate to a house that is not spotlessly tidy. We can walk without stepping on things but not everything is in its place. In fact not everything even HAS a place. Still waiting on the carpeting downstiars so we can move a lot of this crap down there. but alas it is what it is. And I know jeannie and bob wont be judgemental. they just arent like that. so I am not worried at all.

I surprised my mom with a visit yesterday. She was happy to see me. I was happy to see her too as I had been in tears for days thinking she is slipping away. She was up and at em when I got there. She doesnt actually get dressed but she was up and at the table having had breakfast and coffee with dad. then she stayed at the table a long time until she had to get out of her brace and went back to the chair. I left her to take a nap for couple hours and she was back in the kitchen when I got back and she was still there when I left. so she is "up" most of the day. I made sure the drapes were open and some sun came in too. She so needs that. she is getting depressed.

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  1. Jeanne and I had a wonderful time with you and your family yesterday. The dinner was unexpected but wonderful. Eric makes good bread. The soup was just what was needed on a cold winter day.
    We were both amazed at the progress both kids have made in language skills. Sophie was talking in complete sentences and Ben understood everything we said to him. They have only been here 5 months……..!!!! In a year, no one will know that English is their second language. Ben moves really well compared to a few months ago even. When Jeanne picked up Sophie, she said Sophie was built like a football player. Her legs and arms may not be strong but she is built solid and strong in the torso.
    Your other kids crack us up. Ethan was dressed up as a mummy. Since he could not move his wrapped up feet, he told Maia that he would not play with her EVER AGAIN if she continued to try to push him down. Maia does not want to marry a troll in spite of his having a million dollars. Krista shows compassion well beyond her years. Cody is a teen-what more can you say about a 15 year old. We had a great time. Thanks for letting us to drop by.

    When you get that far, send us information on the Ukraine. Dates, cost, etc. Not sure it is do-able but might be so let’s continue to chat.