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Thursday, February 11, 2010

ramblings of a mother

way too much to do today, starting with getting out of my cozy, warm, fluffy, pretty, pink robe and getting dressed. (so what am I doing HERE?) Then I suppose I ought to move on to dressing Sophie for the day. Ben and Maia both can dress themselves now. Ben was COMPLETELY incapable of doing ANYTHING for himself just a few months ago. he could not go to the bathroom alone he could not wipe his butt take off clothes put on clothes and just barely feed himelf, could not open doors or the baby/puppy gate. he could play cars and count "leben leben leben" and thats about it. and now he can go to the bathroom alone (AND with the door closed) wipe his own bottom, take off pjs or clothes and put on pjs or clothes(including finding and picking them out) he is working on putting on his shoes and coat and can put on his hat. He can count to 10 quite easily but usually forgets 7. he feeds himself too every meal. occasionally we will shovel a bite or two for him just to get a few more bites into him but generally he takes care of it. he can open doors now too and knock down the baby gate. still working on that sharing thing but heck I am 38 and still working on that! working on colors now. he doesnt know them very well but a bowl of fruitloops works great!

Sophie has a better time with sharing. she is able to get one shoe on and socks off. She cant yet dress herself but its no longer like dressing a floppy baby. She can push her arms into the arms of shirts after I get them into it. she feeds herself(which just a few months back she couldnt/wouldnt do at all) she NEVER and I mean NEVER wets her pants. Not even once. She can count to ten knows her body parts and working on colors. she is very bossy and very smart and very loving and very sweet and she snuggles into my shoulder when I pick her up. I love that. she is trying to learn to crawl even! All she needs is a little confidence and she would go go go!

they are just coming so far so fast. It is truly amazing to me what a couple of months in a home have done for them. they have blossomed into these bright little sponges that soak up everything. Speaking of soaking it up,,,, yesterday Maia said "what the hell?" lol. and Ethan said the dog was bitchin. so yeah they soak everything up!

Mocha has a regular trail beaten into the snow as she runs her rounds around the house perimeter. Making sure her sheep are safe from danger. She is so funny. but I wish she wouldnt eat cat turds! those are NOT TOOTSIE ROLLS! blech. barf. ew. disgusting. I suppose if the cat owners cleaned the box it wouldnt be a problem....
but the chance of that happening isnt realy high as the cat owners can barely remember to flush the toilet after their own use of it. The cat owners live downstairs, where the cat box is. I try not to go there. but since one noncat owner lives down there as well and always wants to be tucked in I sometimes and forced to endure the trip downstairs. I cant wait till summer so cat can go outside all day and night (her choice, she likes to roam the woods and fields...all two and half acres of them)and the cat box will stay clean.

Ethan told me that Jaxon at school isnt being nice to him. he hits him every day in the lunch line. I told him to stand at the front or back but not by jaxon. while ethan struggles at home to do whats right and to control his temper he told me a story yesterday about jaxon and I was able to praise him for doing the right thing. Jaxon had money. what kindergartener has money to bring to school? he tried to give it to Ethan. Now it would be SO like Ethan to say cool thanks! but no, he did not accept the money as a gift, he brought it to his teacher and gave it to her and told her Jaxon had been trying to give it to him. SOOO proud of him. of course after our nice little talk he was great for a couple hours and ended up back in his room flipping out just about dinner time. sigh. I just dont know what to do with him some days.

so my house needs cleaning. and here I sit. stop talking to me and let me get dressed and get something done around here! Eric is rounding and not home yet for his day off. When he gets home we can work together on clean up. I finished the kitchen counters and half of our bathroom. the living room has laundry needing to be put away and vacuuming to be done. and the basement...well its the basement and no amount of tidying is going to fix it until we have carpet and can put the furniture in plae and access the cabinets again. (carpet on backorder)the boys room is cleaned and carpets cleaned even. Cody cleaned and vacuumed his room. so that leaves basement/girls room, my room, my bath, downstairs and kitchen bath, vacuum, sweep and finsih/put away laundry. well heck thats not so much! but I guess it wont get done at all if I dont get off of here.

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