A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

wait! you're going to ....WHAT?

Eric was taking care of the chickens. every night he and Cody go out and feed and water and move the chicken tractor. Natasha was out with them. These kids LOOOOOOOVE chicken(kulicka!) they can devour an entire chicken in no time at all if we dont set limits. they love chicken soup. chicken leftovers. and no matter what I cook they are asking is it kulicka. We always laugh about people who dont know where their trash goes...it just goes ......away. they know nothing of what happens to it. we di and thats why we compost recycle and reuse. so here was this lovely child with no clue about where things come from apparently. Eric told her what was going to happen to the chickens. she was horrified. which is just so funny to me the way she devours chicken! she likes to eat chicken but didnt know that they were once living things that were killed for her dinner. wonder what she will think next time we have chicken.

The kids and I are off to philly this week. TOmorrow I have to take them to the cities to stay with uncle Bob and aunt Jeannie.we have a very early flight out on thursday. They so kindly offered us a place to stay and a ride to the airport. Our appointment is on Friday. Then we fly out again on Saturday to return home. I hold out great hope that this doctor will see the potential in our dolly and give her a chance at a future that includes walking. at least being able to transfer and things like that. she can not go through life with her legs this way. she cant even take herself to the toilet. she is getting too heavy to carry. she still works well in a sling. but that wont help her get to the bathroom by herself! she is so smart and motivated and just plain all around beautiful inside and out, I cant bear the thought of no one giving her a chance!

Natasha is very concerned about my leaving without her. this is hard but it must be done. it makes me feel good that she so wants me to be here with her, but bad that I must leave her behind. its only for a couple days. she doesnt have enough english for me to explain that I will ALWAYS come back. I did my best to reassure her that I am her Mama FOREVER. not just when she can see me. That reminds me I have to call school again about a boy named Blake being mean to her.

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