A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hangin in

things are going ok. trying to work out a way to get the kids back to school. Sophie is back to wanting me to do everything for her, including sit up. I wont of course. she is fully capable, even with casts as I have SEEN her do it. so she is mad at me a lot. and then whiny and sorry. Ben is bored I think at home. He needs to go to school with his friends. It is funny that he was SO introverted before school and rarely said a word to anyone and now he does so well at school and comes home with lots to say.

waiting to hear on flights to get back to philly. waiting to hear someone can go with me. I CAN do it alone, I got them back here didnt I? it would be a lot easier with another set of hands though.

today I have to drag sophie and ben out to take chrysta to the orthodontist.They of course think its a big adventure but I am dreading it. Im sure Sophie will sleep all the way. I have to pick up Chrysta at 11 so I wont have time to feed them lunch before we go. I guess they can eat in the car. the problem with that is that sophie CANT. and since Ben cant sit in the way back Chrysta cant sit next to her and feed her. Ben could try but his little hands are so weak he will likely drop someone's sandwhich. I hate to say it but there might be chicken nuggets in store for them today. I dont see any other way. except not feeding them until hours after lunch time. that doesnt seem right.

Ethan started his other new med last night. will see how that goes. hoping it makes a difference for him. while I was gone the boys pulled the alarm off their door. so Ethan has been wandering at night. I found the alarm outside this morning when I took Fabio out and it stil works! so I will be putting it right back up.

our kids are so funny. The other night Eric had to go in to the hospital to deliver a baby. NOT MY BABY. we keep stressing that to the kids. WE ARE NOT HAVING A BABY. but they only hear baby and get all excited. they arent understanding. So I said diasits! no mas! alles! as in ten kids! no more! thats ALL! diana said 11? natasha said 21!!! then they moved on to teasing chrysta who had a hissy fit earlier in the evening. they said when she grows up and no more school and gets married and has a baby she will be grumpy and the baby will be grumpy lol. it was histerical. Chrysta was not amused.

Andre had a birthday the other day. he is 7 now! he got a puzzle and ball and glove. he was very excited. now that I think about it his glove didnt come in last night after he and ethan went out to play catch. Poor Andre though is so little the other ones like to push him around. Diana ended up going to bed without fun or stories because she flat out REFUSED to apologise to Andre for ramming his head into the door. She is like that sometimes. She woke up all smiles this morning though so thats good. School is going well for them. they are all doing really well in their school work and Natasha seems to have settled into her classroom and made some friends. she is very happy most of the time. Jaeger has had a bit of trouble with a brat in his class. someone BIT him and left a bruise where each tooth was. so he must have bit pretty hard! then someone pushed him down into the mud. man the kids are brutal. Jaeger doesnt tell me though the other kids tell me what happens so I never know until well AFTER the fact.

Jaeger is not learning english as fast as the others so sometimes communicating with him is difficult. with him especially I need to forget to speak russian/ukrainian and speak only English so he will learn. Sophie was the same way. refused to learn english. until I stopped understanding her. then it was very quick she learned. I love that they can still speak to each other in Ukrainian but they need to learn English to function here.


  1. You amaze me! I get over overwhelmed with just 2 kiddos! :0)
    Boy, are you one BUSY lady! Hope everything worked out for you the other day.

  2. thanks. I keep busy for sure but they go to school 8 hours a day! they are all close in age so mostly keep each other entertained!