A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, September 26, 2010

a day at home

Ben brought home a little something extra from our trip. a virus. Throwing up. belly ache. burning up. miserable little guy. not eating. barely drinking. napped(he never naps not even in the car)

Sophie is improving but she is pretty warm too and yesterday she kept saying she was going to throw up and I thought it was because she was so worked up about the casts and carrying on so.

yesterday they immediately started drawing on their casts with a marker.

Natasha had a swollen gland in her neck bothering her this morning but it got better as the day progressed.

Eric took the older girls to hospital with him for rounding. meanwhile Chrysta and I hit the house hard and did up the dishes and cleaned the living and dining room. cleaned vacuumed orderly. rearranged the seating at the table putting one bench in the back. the girls werent thrilled. oh well.

well ben and sophie are crying again so I guess I better go. eric is out hunting with natasha diana andre and the dog.

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