A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Philly Baby!

sophie ben and I had a long day getting to philadelphia. there was a friendly face (that turned out to be a friendly family)waiting for us. we are at Ronald McDonald house in Camden NJ. tomorrow we see the doctor.

Getting here was difficult. I have to say that I am so thankul for the kindness of strangers. Countless strangers who stepped outside of their little world and into mine. not the employees although there were a few of those who were kind and helpful. I am talking pure strangers who happen to be board the same plane. I am so so so thankful for their kindness. Perhaps it is the universe showing me that even though I get discouraged and feel my small kind deeds make no difference, they DO make a difference and when you least expect it they will come back to you.

We have been visiting with a family I knew online. love them! Sophie calls Valerie "ballerina" instead of Valerie. Valerie has a child with AMC and he and Sophie are fast friends and may even marry one day! Sophie was the bell of the ball, all of Valeries boys wanted to sit by her. well she IS gorgous.

the kids are sacked out. they insisted on sleeping ont he floor. so I am off to the shower and get some sleep before early morning and off to clinic.


  1. Sophie's brothers are gonna have a hard time keeping the boys away from her! She's so cute! I hope everything goes well in Philly

  2. I think she and Evan are a perfect match. on the way home from clinic she stopped her own crying to comfort Evan in his crying.