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Friday, September 10, 2010

life and times of a public school going family

school seems to be going well. Chrysta is off to cheer at an away game tonight. her cheer team is not your average group of giggly popular conceited cheerleaders. no, hers is the small town anyone who signs up can cheer group. so it consists of one very chubby girl, one obese girl, one mentally challenged girl, one goth girl, chrysta, and one other girl I dont know anything about. interesting team huh? anyways she enjoys it so I hope she has fun tonight at the game but we will miss her at the dinner table.

I called Ethan's teacher the other day and told him I would like to have a planner used with Ethan. no reply. no planner. I am a little annoyed by this.
Natasha's teacher sent home practice for name writing and spelled our name wrong. Diana and Ben brought home notes from school(ALREADY!!!) that someone in their class has head lice. Jaeger and Ethan brought home the same note today. Everyone brought home this paper about the flouride rinse and signing for them to opt out of do nothing if they should participate, why do I keep getting all the papers I already filled out giving permission or nonpermission for things? LACK OF ORGANISATION?? Maia and Andre seem to be enjoying kindergarten. everyone is happy to go to school and happy when they come home. this makes ME happy.

Sophie and I had a quiet day at home. getting into routine without the kids. send the big kids off. send Ben off(seperate transport) take dog out, do dishes, do laundry and put away. bake or do something else(today we went to a rummage sale) Eric comes home for lunch, Sophie naps after her lunch. I dozed in the chair today because the dishtv kept cutting out. so Fabio and I snuggled up and snoozed. then the kids come home and backpacks and lunch boxes and papers and chaos begins. Natasha's stories about her day always crack me up. yesterday was about her and two other girls on the swings and when she couldnt understand the one girl she got mad and moved to the other side of the other girl. Today she was telling me about a BIG boy (and puffed out her cheeks) and he has freckles(she poked her face all over and says like Jaeger) and how the boy was looking elsewhere and didnt go when it was time and then when he did go he ran into her. most of this is gathered via her few English words and a lot of crazy sign language and mime act.

Maia is wanting family movie night tonight. Looks like its going to rain. It is almost time for Eric to come home so I better go cook something for dinner.

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