A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, September 24, 2010

rough day

rougher night.

sophie and ben are both in long casts. both kids both legs. that means 4 casts. and sophie is PISSED OFF about it. thats putting it lightly. they really REALLY pushed those feet to maximum stretch. I dont think she is in pain so much as she is mad and doesnt like it and wants them off. she was playing just fine but now refuses to sleep.

our appointment went well. except for this whole unexpected casting. they have a plan for both kids. Ben we thought would need a derotation but actually the problem is all in his FOOT not his leg. so thats why we are trying to hard to get his feet straightend. he will eventually have surgery on his one hand to move a couple tendons. Sophie is getting casting first fix up those feet them the hips will be done and then knees. she is going to need fixaters for her knees. I was so hoping to avoid that. gosh I was hoping to avoid that. but I guess its looming out there.

so anyways I will be heading back to philly in a couple weeks. and again after that. how long I dont know. until its done I guess. I sure wish I had someone to come with me on these flights and stay at RMH with me. The big kids are in school and cant really miss class. Eric has to work and the other kids have school. so who wants to come to philly with me? seriously I NEED someone to come with me to help me with TWO temporary invalids. its not easy to get two kids on a plane when neither of them walk and the stewardesses "cant hold children its against policy" so they stand and smile while you rely on strangers to help you. Not sure what purpose a stewardess serves if they cant help out in any capacity. basically they are drink delivery I guess? I dont know. anwyays I have to get up at 3am tomorrow and sophie is still wailing so I guess I should turn out the lights and try to sleep.


  1. Hi,
    I live 2 minutes from the philly airport and although I can't fly with you I would be happy to meet you at the gate and give you a ride to and from the Ronald Mc Donald house or help out any way that I can the next time you are in town.
    Best Wishes

  2. oh becky that would be a godsend.