A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, September 11, 2010

GRRRR! Various people have been very kind in giving us clothing for the children. one shirt was really cute for a boy. it had a plastic light up batman car on it and I try and try to make Ethan feel special. It fit him just right and I put it in his box of clothes(which I have no taken) and he cut it up! he cut it up with scissors. cut through the shirt through the plastic presumably to get out the light. he did this last night during movie time. Probably while I was at the store. who knows when. I dont even know where he got scissors. This kid is gonna be the death of me. He destroys EVERYTHING he comes in contact with. he doesnt CARE about anything. nothing. there is nothing I could take away that would make an impact. there is nothing I can do to make an impact. he just doesnt care about anything. nothing. this is my reward for letting them all stay up and watch a movie last night instead of putting them to bed as usual. and he and ben were up and started the day at FIVE AM after going to bed late. they dont even get up that early for school. I already buy very little for the kids because it just gets destroyed. I guess this is my clue to buy less. and never let Ethan out of my sight unless he is in his room which is where he is now. Jaeger is in there with him. he lashed out at Andre and hit him. I dont expect these bunk beds are going to last long. but then they can sleep or not sleep on the floor I guess.

Chrysta didnt get home until after 1 and in general the boys are up every night so I never get more than a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. I have not had solid sleep in.....I cant remember how long.

of course no one will play outside today and eric is on call and on urgent care all day. today is not a good day.

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