A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, September 5, 2010

time? time on my hands? what?

school starts next week! I will have 3 first graders and 4 kindergarteners! as well as a sophomore and an 8th grader! and a preschooler!! I am looking forward to a bit of quiet time while they are at school and its just Sophie and I here at home. although it wont be that quiet as we have doctor appointments all over the country for various children, dentist appts for various kids, etc. and about a week after school starts I will be here crying how I miss them and wish they were home with me and why do I have to send them to school anyways? but for a week it will be heavenly.

The other day I was waiting for chrysta to get out of surgery. there was no one in the waiting room. I read my book awhile. Had two doctored up cups of coffee(as in added hot choco to make it more mochachino like and a creamer to make it creamy...and yes it was good) but after a bit I started to pace. I was bored! I realised I dont know how to sit. just sit. I have not had time like that in so long. I always have little kids. while I love our little kids and when we had them I was totally NOT ready to not have little kids around. but now I think I am ready for the kids to start growing and not having more babies or little people. just big people live here. I will relearn how to entertain myself with scrapbooking and sewing. the neverending cleaning that needs to be done. half hour after its clean it looks like a disaster when ya have kids!

So today we head out to enjoy a picnic and play in the pool awhile and enjoy one last summer hurrah together before they go off to school. wow life will be so different next week!

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