A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, September 17, 2010

todays upcoming events

get four kids from school and take them to the dentist where they will no doubt offer to do thousands of dollars of work for us. their teeth are a mess. missing teeth, black rotted teeth, jagged teeth. never have I even SEEN kids with teeth this bad. Natasha's arent bad, Diana's arent great. Jaeger's arent too bad but Andre's are the WORST. I wonder if it is from the medication he was taking. liquid meds. never thought of that. Ben and Sophie came from same place and had perfect teeth.

next week I head to Philly with Sophie and Ben. what an adventure THAT will be. Hope to see you Valerie and Chelsea! Hope to hear good news. while surgical intervention is likely what will be recommended we are prepared for that and in our case that IS good news. because it means someone is willing to take a chance on them.

for now I better hit the shower and get the dishes done so I can pick up the kids in two hours.

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