A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, September 6, 2010


tomorrow I take my baby to kindergarten. I take all my other babies to school as well. some of them are also in K. I dont want her to go! I dont want her to grow up! I wanted her to stay 5 forever but she got 6 and now she is off to school. WAHHHH!

everyone is excited for school. backpacks are packed and ready. tomorrow is only drop in day for us. pictures and meet the teacher and find your classroom.

in other news, everyone here is always happy....

1. they dont get their way
2. they dont get what they wanted
3. they dont feel like doing what you asked
4. they didnt bother to do what you asked
5. the think the rules dont apply to them
6. they think everything belongs to them
7. they have natural consequences
8. They have chores
9. it's the middle of the night
10. you have the big D and I dont mean Dallas.

other than that yeah everyone is usually pretty happy.


  1. LOVE your new picture!! Glad everyone is happy!! ;-)

  2. Love the piocture and your family sounds just like mine when the kids were small.