A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, September 20, 2010

morning science lesson and cookouts

this weekend we had a cookout. the kids really enjoyed being out back by the fire but were cold so they had on winter parkas. we roasted hot dogs and made smores. Natasha especially seems to relish every experience, this time was no different. she loved it. Diana didnt want to go out there but when she found it we would EAT outside she was all for it. Jaeger kept wanting to go inside. he likes to lock himself in his room alone. Mean mom enforced family time. Andre ate and ate and ate. They put away 2 full bags of chips a box of crackers a package of chocolate bars nearly an entire bag of marshmallows. they loved putting stuff into the fire but did not like mom's very strict rule that anything going INTO the fire STAYS in the fire. Andre burned his hands trying to retrieve something. not badly but still this is why we have the rule. and also it keeps kids from burning each other or burning down the forest by putting a stick in the fire and then when the tip is hot pulling it out and waving it around etc. anyways they all survived. had a great time. cant wait to do it again.

This morning we had eggs for breakfast. one of the eggs was not an egg but an EMBRYO! we cut open the sac and looked at what was inside. was really a neat moment. except for Ethan telling us we killed it. these were store eggs so it isnt like we took an egg from a hen when she was trying to hatch it.


  1. Unfortunately, that poor baby chicken embryo was dead long before it landed in your refrigerator. The refrigeration and cold conditions would have killed it in fairly short order -- probably within a day or two of leaving the nest.

  2. thanks thats what I thought too. but since HE has trouble with being nice it was a chance for him to tell us WE screwed up(at least in his mind it was) but it was still a neat moment. I thought it was so amazing!