A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

personality transplant?

Ethan has been off his medication awhile now. I can't say exactly how long. but for the last two days he has been a different child. Polite, kind, cooperative, easy to get along with, happy go lucky, HELPFUL and generally making my life a whole lot easier!!! If I had known taking him off the strattera would have this affect I would have done it sooner! I usually dread long weekends with him home. He is usually just so hard to get along with. not so this past 4 days! I didnt want to send him back to school! He was loving and sweet. he was helpful without being asked. he played well with his siblings and was empathetic to Sophie's cries. When Sophie ran over her toes on her bike and he couldnt pick her up he came to me but usually these kinds of things push him over the edge. not this time. he was calm and concerned and told me how he tried to help her but just couldnt. I cant even count how many times I said to him Ethan WOW you are doing such a good job today. Usually he is jumping to conclusions, blowing up, arguing with sibs. I dont know if its too good to last but boy I sure could get used to this!

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