A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

our dossier has been delivered! yay! so close now!

Ben has another casting today.

Ben also cried all night. He seems to cry more at night when I have to spend the next day driving!

Sophie has her own bed back now in the big girls bedroom which means our bedroom is suddenly SO BIG!

cant wait to get all the toys out of the boys room and downstairs!

also cant wait to get the computer and furniture out of codys room, he cant wait either to have his room back. poor guy has had to deal with it for more than a year.

the new carpeting is SO PLUSH and soft! its soooo nice after walking on a concrete floor for a year.

I bought the bunk beds yesterday they will be delivered Friday. we planned out the bedroom where to put them. meanwhile Ben was on Chrystas bed and peed. never did figure out what happened there. but he was very apologetic and sad that he did that. Her bed is high and I think he couldnt get down. The dogs are banned from the basement now and we are trying to learn to keep the basement door closed ALL THE TIME except when you are walking through it.

We will unfortunately have to miss our ecfe class today because of Bens casting. Next week the kids have dentist so we wont be able to go to ECFE then either.

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