A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guess what I got to do?

have Eric and Jack over!! Eric's first love, Chrysta, was at a track meet so I was his go to gal. For Eric that means 15 minutes of crying I want my DADA (but dont put me down!) he is 2 and doggone cute. Jack always has something to tell me about. he is 5 I think. They are the kids of Eric's colleague and our friends Maggie and Jay. Maggie is on call tonight and Jay had a meeting and Chrysta is their sitter but had track so that means I get to have the boys! I loooooove me some chubby baby legs! so cute! I would keep him every single day if they let me! I planted a bug about needing a two year old around. Eric just grumbled lol. Seriously I dont know how I could do a two year old with Sophie being my baby. but hey I already have a double stroller and plenty of slings! and cloth diapers! probably not gonna happen but its been fun to have the boys over and play with a little one awhile. They are all settling in with a movie now. Everyone is in their jammies. Eric made me play stinky feet PHEEEEW! before I could put on his pants lol.

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