A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, April 17, 2010

a new adventure

tomorrow we make laundry soap~! I spent 4 dollars on the supplies since I have already a big box of borax in the cabinet that I bought once for a project and never knew what to do with. those 4 dollars will make several GALLONS of laundry detergent. I have never tried this before but I am excited to try!

I went to the local small town hardware store for Fels-Naptha soap. they didnt have it. refused to even LOOK if they could order it. just said they never heard of it so nope wouldnt even bother. yeah THATS customer service. I went to the grocery store and found everything I needed there, INCLUDING the FelsNaptha soap.

cant wait to try it.


  1. Have fun! I hope it works out.

    I'll stick to Tide.

  2. well I cant use tide anyways! lol makes us break out. I do have to drive a hundred miles round trip to buy the ALL free and clear for my HE washer. so if I could make something myself for less and not have to drive thats pretty cool!

  3. We are embarking on this adventure also.

  4. i post poned it again. I have a gallon and half of the other kind, would be just as wasteful to toss that! and this way I would have two huge containers to put it in. PLENTy of laundry goin on around here to use up the old stuff.