A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, April 23, 2010

Life with Sophie

sophie says mama are you kwanky? when she doesnt like what I say. maybe its because I said no. or because I told her she needed to eat when she wanted to play. I told her not to hit her brother and made her take a dreaded time out because of it. but when I give her a cookie? then she says you bewiful mama! you so bewiful!

last night I was putting her to bed and she was all thankful. sometimes she is in a snit about going to bed other times she is grateful for anything and everything. so she was thanking chrysta "tanks cwista" "tank you mama" then "tank you my wovewy mama" so I taught her to say "Id like to thank the acadamy" which came out more like I wike to tank da aramee.

Sometimes when she has gone about a week without a nap and had a big day she is overtired and whiny and gets down right ticked off about things. but she doesnt have the strength or power to change anything or physically fight back. It was one of those nights and I put her on the toilet to take care of that and told her I would find her pjs and come right back all the while ignoring her wails of protest. she started yelling NO PJ! NO PJ! no TANKS! NO TANKS PJ! that one sent me over the edge. I cracked up. no tanks. then I picked her up off the toilet and got her ready for bed and she kept saying all indignantly "PUT ME DOWN!" I grabbed her up and started kissing her face and said "Im so glad you are so little I can just pick you up and love you when you act like this" that ticked her off completely. "PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN!" I did what needed doing(AFOs and splints) and then I said ok I will put you down. and I did. in her bed. well that wasnt what she wanted of course. I knew that. but it was bedtime nonetheless. so she kept yelling PUT ME DOWN! ON DA FLOW! ON DA FLOW! I kissed her and told her goodnight and left the room. I chuckled to myself all the way upstairs.

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