A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, April 17, 2010

just another day in pair of dice

well my feeble attempts at learning Russian have me able to ask do you understand english? and answer no. lol that was the point my computer decided to kick out the cd and claim it was flawed. I think the computer is flawed and just doesnt want to work right now. so I guess thats all I will learn for the moment. Kids are all outside. Sophie is on one of the little bikes and scooting herself across the driveway. the others are running jumping climbing digging and generally acting like half humans half chimps. Cody and Chrysta are at their gun safety crescendo. they get to actually shoot a gun. I imagine I will be hearing from them soon saying come pick us up.

Mocha is tied because the kids across the street were out and she runs over there barking. PTerra went to bed because its puppy nap time. she has been out since 620 this morning. I used to call her fatty mcfats alot but now I call her fatty potato I dont know why. She isnt that fat, ole was fatter but she has a puppy belly.

I am hoping to get a little sewing in today along with some basement cleaning/clearing so we can lay the new carpet. because of a miscommunication we ended up spending more on carpet than we needed AND now will spend more on laying it than quoted because the pad isnt backing the carpet its seperate. which also means we have to completely clear a room before they can lay the carpet. easier said than done! queen sized hidabed couch and giant entertainment center. the rest is easily moved junk. except the train table. that is HUGE AND HEAVY. my brother in law made it for his kid and he grew out of it and they gave it to us. Maia and Ethan played with it for years and now Ben and Sophie can. but its heavy and huge. My back is not so great this week so I have no idea how I am going to get all that crap out of the way.

I went to the thrift store and found Cody a black shirt for his choir concert. now to find him some pants. Ben starts casting next week so I hope to go earlly enough to have some time to shop a bit before his appointment. The girls need shoes and a new dress for Jen's wedding. Ben needs something decent to wear to the wedding with a cast on his leg. and pants for Cody. still hoping to find three backpacks at a decent price for the girls.

I have been worrying about the girls and their adjustment and their attitudes and thier behavior and their personalities. It isnt that we saw anything troubling when we were there, its just that I cant possibly know about their behavior attitudes until we are there. Their personalities we already know. they are funny fun happy girls. I hope they stay that way. I guess its my job to worry. but adoption is a roll of the dice and you never know what you are going to get. We certainly never expected Ethan to cry for weeks when we came home. We didnt expect Ben and Sophie to jump in so quickly to family life and love and embrace it. We will roll those dice and take our chances.


  1. Sounds like a busy day in your "paradise". When do you hope to bring the girls home?

  2. well we cant send our dossier since all flights to Europe are cancelled! we are still hoping early June!