A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year!

happy old year. last year we had not one, not two, not four, but SIX new kids join our family. Life is jumpin here with ten kids but reflecting on the last year it was a good one. We met some awesome kids, and now we parent them! we also met some awesome people along the way. 2010 had some bumps but it was a good year.

so here is where things are now.
Cody is growing so fast he struggles to understand the changes in his life and body and knowing that one day soon he will be expected to find his way in the world and at 16 has no idea how he will do that.

Chrysta is growing into a beautiful young woman, with a touch of attitude (from her dad I think). She strives to do well in school. She is enjoying ice skating with her friends. her piano is coming along beautifully.

Jaeger ranks among kids who have come the furthest in their life this last year. He has turned into a sweet loving kid. I knew he had it in him but he had to work through some demons when he came home. Thankfully those seem to be taking a back burner and he is enjoying his new family and life.

Ethan is FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY starting to grow! only 6 years we have been trying to fatten him up! he has a bit of a rounder face now. he is getting taller too. He and Jaeger share clothes, they are just about the same size.

Natasha is a darling of a girl. She loves ot help. She is good at everything she does. she just decides to do something and then does it well. She and her sisters have become very close since coming home. She is warming up to her daddy more and more all the time. she was a bit standoffish with him after coming home, but we know that many of her interactions with her own parental figures were not positive so we figured she just needed some time. we were right.

Diana has come into her own. she has absolutely blossomed here. she and her sisters are 3 of a kind, always together, dressing alike, or not at all soemtimes. they do sister stuff like stay up talking and do each others hair. She is giggly and funny and she absolutely can not lie to mama. I can always tell when she isnt telling the truth and can get it out of her.

Maia is still Maia. Sweet everloving dancing dreaming funny Maia. She has grown so much and I often ask myself who IS this child and where is my baby girl? she still lets me pinch her cheeks sometimes though. = ) she loves having sisters.

Andre is the older "twin" turning 7 in September. He had some rough starts coming home too but has also become loving and a clingon. sweet and kisses. he is still so little. he wont eat most things but we have cracked down and after many hours sitting alone at the table he mostly decides that eating is easier so he can play. hopefully he will grow some now.

Ben is the younger "twin" turning 7 in October. Ben has made great strides this year. in his second round of serial casting and never complains. He is doing well in school, better than we ever expected. lately our VERY VERY quiet boy has become a chatter box! cute as can be and funny too!

Sophie the baby had a big year too. she is 5 now! and has gone from completely helpless, unable to even feed herself, to rolling crawling sitting and most recently STANDING! she wants to walk so bad. I hope this is the year for that!

Eric has signed with a new company so we will have more changes this year. moving to a new town, new house, new school.

I have plenty of running to keep me busy. much more than I did before! but its a good busy. I adore the kids. they are all worth it. Flying to philly every other week is a drain on my energy but Sophie and Ben have come so far and we have made so many wonderful friends in the process.

I hope you had a happy old year. and I hope you have a happy new year. I am off to cook dinner. one more aspect of busy for me! = ) but though I am a late bloomer I am a GOOD COOK! I will enjoy cooking even more in a bigger house with a better kitchen!!!


  1. So where are you moving to? Closer to me? So glad all is going so well with your family. Happy New Year to you too!

  2. sorry further away from you. we are heading back to Duluth area. its my home town and where my family is.

  3. Happy New Year! Hope the move goes smooth. When do you think the move is going to happen? Also, I was wondering if you were going to share what was on your heart a fwe posts ago.