A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, January 8, 2011

just another day in paradi....I mean philly

goin home tomorrow. FINALLY. was fun seeing everyone here. but I am ready to go home. Today was spent playing, eating, playing, eating, playing, eating, playing, and now going to bed. we woke up this morning to heavy snowfall and our friends had illness in their house so we just hung around here all day. I tried to enjoy the bathtub in this room but it leaks and the water pressure and amount of water that comes out of the faucet is so low it takes forever to fill the tub! I turned the water on, got sophie on the toilet, got her ready for bed. got ben ready for bed. checked my email. found my book. took off my clothes and went to the bathroom myself. after all of this the tub was still only a couple inches deep. I gave up and got in anyways. read my book awhile while the tub filled around me. finaly gave up on filling it as it leaks so fast. relaxed a little bit and finally went to bed. all this took up an hour. thats how slow the tub fills. I so want a tub in our next house. hot tub would be even better!

My ear is still plugged. so I am partially deaf this week. I get the ear cleared and then I turn my head and it plugs up again. blah.

looking so forward to looking at houses and making plans for moving and the future. we have a couple really good leads on houses. I wonder which we will choose? Already looking forward to being near friends and family. we can have friends over(we already have friends there! not so many here, just maggie and jay and the boys are the only close friends we have.) stuff for kids to do! activities! stuff for the family to do! and TIME FOR US TO DO IT! no worries about our dogs. no worries about our kids in the road. country in the city, best of both worlds.

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