A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

maia natasha diana and chrysta got their ears pierced on sunday. they are so excited. they are doing so good cleaning them. they have a little trouble turning them so I help with that. but they are so cute!!! love them girls! chrysta got a cartilage piercing the other girls just got their first lobe piercing. maia had hers done as an infant but she was such a wild thing she wouldnt wear the earrings and they closed. true to maia form within 24 hours of the piercing she had lost the back to one of her stuf earrings. the others didnt lose anything but maia is a jumpity hopity fidgety dancety twirly swirly happy go lucky in her own little world kind of girl.

Jaeger has been helping put out the dogs. thats a huge help. he likes to help. he helped make dinner the other night too and was really good at that.

Andre ate spaghetti last night. he actually ate it. without too much prompting. its funny when I say what should I make for dinner no one has any ideas then when I make spaghetti they all complain. but there was yummy schwan cheese garlic bread that made spaghetti tolerable.

Today I have IEP meeting for Andre. wonder what kind of bull they will have for me. I hope his teacher will be there as well she is pushing for help for him. she is totally on our side. he needs more than speech. he comes from a past of neglect and institutionalisation. he didnt exactly spend the last 7 years being primed in math and language. he just didnt get the exposure our kids get. it isnt his fault! yet they want to do nothing.

Sophie started with PT last week. its going well. Ben is starting to walk again. more and more. I bet with AFOs and shoes he will do great!

Oh I just remembered I have an article due tomorrow!better run get that done.

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