A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, January 22, 2011

today has not been a good day.

I am extremely disappointed in my boys. 3 of them anyways. one did what he always does and just played and couldnt have been happier and one is old enough to know better and is little trouble. however 3 others really haven given me a run for my money today. so the day started with my demanding that they ALL HELP clean up the living room and dining room. together. with me. 10 kids plus me you would think wouldnt equal too much work. but it started out with everyone trying to get out of it. My mom and dad were coming and I wanted the house to not look like a trash pile when they got here. I got mad and yelled at them. they finally got in gear. until Jaeger did something I dont know what and Andre bit him. 5 kids told me Andre bit him. even though andre swore he didnt. I put him in his room and he went BALLISTIC. tantrum of mammoth proportions. after we got past that we finished cleaning. they were playing then on the top bunk and Andre punched Jaegers lights out. just popped him a good one right in the face. not sure why. Jaeger picks on him plenty so I was thinking Jaeger probly deserved it. but I scolded Andre anyways for hitting. Just not as severely as I might have if Jaeger and Ethan didnt find every chance they can get to pick on the smaller boys. Andre and Ben are only a year younger than Ethan and Jaeger but they are VERY SMALL physically and very delayed as well. so more like 2 4 year olds in a body that has been around 7 years. got through that. My parents came and the excitement of toys and visitors and Andre hit Ethan and he went crazy. so I calmy suggested that Andre PLAY in his room. not punishment but he could play away from the others since it seems he has done a lot of hurting others today. he went apeshit. I put him in his bed and stood there and kept laying him back down saying NO! when he tried to get out.(which would be jumping off the top bunk because they broke the ladder) so he pounded the wall with his feet. I moved the bed. he kicked he thrashed he wailed he screamed. he sounded like a 4 year old who needs a nap. NOW Maia was in there and the door was locked and Maia kept yelling STOP STOP STOP! STOP IT! STOP IT! they opened the door and Maia was cornered and crying and they had been taking turns kicking her. and trying to put their feet in her mouth. they are absolutely out of control. so they are staying in their room. all three of them. Andre is standing at the door crying wailing Im sorry mommy Im sorry mommy. I wont do it any any more. (where have I heard THAT before?)I think I will cook dinner. Eric is sound asleep on our bed. so I guess he wont be much company. I cant really wake him though as he is on call and it is quite possible he wont get any sleep tonight so better let him nap when he can.


  1. Wow, what a day! Im so sorry. I hope things calm down this evening and everyone is able to get a good nights rest.

  2. Deep Breaths and HUGS mama! This too shall pass!

    You may have thought of this already, but I've noticed what works best when trying to get all my reluctant children to tidy a couple of rooms, is to delegate specific tasks (you pick up any garbage; you organize the books, you clear dishes etc). and split up the children who tend to pick on each other.




  3. I did do that melissa but no one was in the mood to clean up. Natasha always helps when she figures out that I really need their help. and true to form she did and she chided the others to help too but Andre thinks that he shouldnt have ANY responsibility put on his little shoulders. he shouldnt have to eat his dinner go to school clean up his messes obey his mama and papa. he just likes to do what HE wants to do. Ethan is a slow starter but usually can get the job done. maia and diana just dont like to. jaeger likes to please so again he usually gets on board at some point. it was beyond your average mess! but we got through it and mom came and mom went and now its a mess again lol