A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, January 28, 2011



Two of our kids struggle with school. To be honest they are bit or "slower learners" and we didnt really expect much. we do encourage them or rather TELL them they must work hard and do their work at school but we didnt think it was going to come quickly for them. Today Diana and Ben brought home flashcards of words they have been working on at school. Diana is very very bright and fast learner. I had no worries about her reading them. she read me dozens of them until I said Andre? can you read these words? I showed him a couple and HE COULD READ THEM!!!!!! WAHOO!!!! way to go little love!!!! Ben didnt say anything when he brought them home so I assumed he couldnt read them. After Andre read some of them I thought wow! what if Ben is hiding his abilities? I have to chide him every day just to write his name on his paper! he would rather let his aide do it. well I showed him the words and HE CAN READ TOO!!! BEN AND ANDRE CAN READ!!!! YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY! I couldnt be happier right now! we ask Ben all the time what sound does this letter make. he has no idea. he cant tell you that a T says tuh. but if you put the words in front of him he can sound them out and read them! wow this is a momentous day in the Enberg house!!!

I also got a note home from Andre's teacher. I had spoken with Andre about his attitude at school and he had really turned it around. She was writing to say that he had really turned it around. I had him post it on the fridge for all to see that Andre did well at school today. He is very happy today and is outside sledding with his sisters. Why didnt someone tell me all I had to do to get them outside was give them new sleds? My mom gave them sleds for Christmas and they are out there every single day before school sledding down our hill and the girls are out there after school about every day sledding. Andre hates to go outside. cries at the door the whole time. until the sleds. he has been out an hour almost! he will sleep tonight! I hope!


  1. That is great! You are RIGHT to be proud : ) WTG Boys!




  2. That's great news! The girls could read books here. But only in Ukrainian. And also we've started studying English alphabet. But I had some problems with studying boys. So I'm happy to hear this news! ;)

  3. Jaeger and Natasha have been reading for awhile now. Diana has been picking it up quickly but we had no idea the two youngest boys could read! they never let on! incredible that all 4 of them have only been here 5 and half months and are actually READING!

  4. Hi! It is really hard for some children to learn how to read .I am glad your children are learning to read because with learning how to read their lives will really expand.Pat