A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

tomorrow philly which means today, much to do. and no car to do it.
I hate not having my van! so I have to walk on the road to town and try not to break my leg(I broke my leg walking on a paved street... in mexico....where the only ice is in your glass!) to buy some groceries, and hit the bank. I could wait for eric to come home this eve to get groceries but I have to go to the bank and I dont know the passnumber for my debit card to get cash so my only option is to go to the bank in person and they close to walk up at like 4. I need cab far for philly, money to do something with the kids one day since we will be stuck there an extra day after our friends go home. I am grumpy and its cold and I DONT WANNA!

sophie's school bus is supposed to be here 5 minutes ago....I am always sitting here waiting in morning sometimes they are 5 minutes late sometimes they are early sometimes they are half hour late and if I am not out the door the minute they pull in after school they are at the doorbell. grr. yes I am complaining. remember women are not suppossed belch, fart, snore, or sweat, therefore we must bitch or we will blow up.

Will miss this kids at home while I am gone. they are excited to eat school lunch though in my absence. oh I just thought of something else I need to do so I better go do it.

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